Trends in payments innovation.

Yeah, I’ve done it … this blog basically consists of a slideshow.  Obviously we know what comes next:

24 signs that you may be a Fintech nerd

Click bait
The founder of twitter started a payments company … and you won’t believe what happened next

Answer these question and find out what kind of chargeback you are.

And so on.

In fact, I pulled this deck together to brief the board of a large, global payments company on what’s been happening in the start-up payments community over the past 12-18 months.  It’s a little sparse and works better with a voiceover, but I thought it was interesting enough as kind of a survey course syllabus to post for comment.

Trends in Payments Innovation

3 responses to Trends in payments innovation.

  1. Thanks for this Matt. I know that we are small and statistically unrepresentative, but as a barometer: a chunk of our income right now is tokenisation. Also we’re seeing the beginnings of Bluetooth mass market (beacons, HCE over BLE, authentication, recognition).

    Anyway, was thinking maybe we could use your deck to stimulate discussion at the NY Unconference in September?

  2. Great work Matt! Social Media Payments is another area of innovation. EMVANTAGE, a company focussing on innovation and creativity in payments is working on Social Media Payments since last two years. May not be as healthy balance sheet as some of the companies picked up in the presentation, but, is making its impact with new area of innovation in payments that may change the way Social Media for payments is looked at!

    Your deck of upcoming technologies is a great help for payment world! Thanks for the post.


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